Solicitation for Donation Registrations NOT REQUIRED for Virginia Ruritan Clubs

Letter from National about Solicitation law and exemption

Letter from National about Solicitation law and exemption

From The Desk of the Lt Governor:

Many years ago Ruritan National registered all of the Virginia Ruritan Clubs with the State of Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This registration was to allow all local Ruritan Clubs in the State of Virginia to Solicit for Donations. The Virginia Ruritan Clubs do not have to register again. If they attempt to do so, their applications will be rejected and their fees will be refunded. This has happened recently to one of the local clubs in the Rapidan District.

The subject was discussed during the June 2014 Summer Leadership Conference. During the conference, Michael Chrisley made it very clear that Virginia Ruritan Clubs do not have to register. Clubs in other states, however, may have to register within their own states, as laws differ from state to state.

If your club in Virginia is currently in the process of filling out the registration forms for Soliciting for Donations, please refer them to this post on this website. The application form is a long, arduous form, and the person in the club charged with filling out the form will be happy to learn that they do not have to do it!

Each club should have a copy of the letter shown above in their files. If your Virginia Ruritan Club does not have a copy of the letter, you can click on the picture of the letter in this post and print it off for your club’s records.


Press Release Emailed To Local Newspapers in Rapidan District

newspaper boy (free clip art)

newspaper boy (free clip art)

From the desk of the Lt. Governor and Publicity Chairperson:

The following Press Release was emailed today to several local newspapers that serve the Rapidan District. The template for the press release was provided by Ruritan National at the 2014 Summer Leadership Conference.

If you notice the story being published, would you please be kind enough to notify us? We don’t get copies of all of the papers in the area.

Here is a copy of the press release:

Local Ruritan Leaders Attend National Conference

DUBLIN, Va. ~ Alexander MacDonald of Mineral VA, Linda Bradshaw of Jeffersonton VA, and Perry Marshman of Unionville VA attended the 2014 Ruritan National Summer Leadership Conference held in Dublin,VA at New River Community College June 19-20. While they were there, they learned about new programs to improve America’s communities and revitalize the organization. The conference was sponsored by the Ruritan National Office in Dublin, VA. as part of the organization’s ongoing training program for volunteer leaders. Alexander MacDonald is a member of the Holly Grove Ruritan Club and serves the Rapidan District as District Governor. Linda Bradshaw is a member of the Lignum Ruritan Club and serves the Rapidan District as District Lt. Governor. Perry Marshman is a member and President of the East Orange Ruritan Club and serves the Rockingham District as National Director.

Attendees included Ruritan District Governors, Lt. Governors and Area Governors from Districts and Areas across 25 states, as well as other District leaders along with a host of volunteer speakers and seminar leaders. At the conference, participants also met with national volunteer leaders and Ruritan staff members to discuss current issues and activities that affect Ruritan clubs and Ruritan members in their districts and areas. Some of the topics discussed included growth and development, leadership training, and legal issues.

Conference participants represented 28,000 Ruritan members in over 40 Ruritan Districts and Areas that reach from the tidewater area of Virginia to the corn belts of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. Since 1928, Ruritan Clubs have been improving communities and building a better America through fellowship, goodwill and community service. Today there are more than 1,000 clubs in 25 states across the United States. The Ruritan National Office, the headquarters of Ruritan, has been located in Newbern since 1965. Contact Alexander MacDonald at 804-556-5233 or for more information about Ruritan membership or upcoming Ruritan activities.

New Ruritan Custom VISA Platinum Rewards Card

New Ruritan VISA Card program 6-24-14

New Ruritan VISA Card program 6-24-14

From the desk of the Lt. Governor:

Looking through the binder that was given to me at the beginning of the 2014 Ruritan National Leadership Conference held last weekend, I came across this bulletin. Somehow I must have been out of the room when the announcement was made about this new Ruritan VISA Card program, so the only details I know is what is on this flyer that was in the binder. I hope it is self-explanatory and correct!

Sounds like a good program!

Recap of 2014 Summer Leadership Conference by President Elect Bobby Burton

Posted on “I AM Ruritan” Facebook page on 6/21/14 by Ruritan National’s President Elect Bobby Burton


Bobby Burton's photo.

The 2014 Ruritan Leadership Conference concluded Saturday morning after two days of informative information for the approximately 90 Ruritan leaders in attendance. The events started with an open house/reception at the Home Office on Thursday afternoon.

Bobby Burton's photo.

The Conference was opened on Friday morning with a special greeting from President Elliott and First Lady Sandra read by Mike Chrisley. A picture of them was projected on the screen – they were wearing their conference t-shirts – and it was great to see their smiling faces!

A patriotic theme was carried out at the Conference with an emphasis on honoring Veterans and everyone was encouraged to Revitalize, Get Excited, and WALK THE WALK for Ruritan.


Bobby Burton's photo.


Speakers for the conference included Julie Hopkins from Smithfield, VA., the 2013 Top Recruiter, who gave a fun and excited talk on how to recruit new members. Jon Hatfield, Executive Director of the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, VA. spoke on Friday about the War Memorial, Veterans, and Ruritan. Jon had recently returned from a trip to Normandy for the D-Day 70th Anniversary.

Bobby Burton's photo.

On Saturday morning, we heard from April Cheek-Messier, President of the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA. She gave interesting facts about the D-Day Memorial and she also talked about the recent D-Day 70th Anniversary and how they celebrated in Bedford. There were events for the Veterans at the memorial and a parade through downtown Bedford.

All three of our speakers, Julie, Jon, and April, are Ruritan members and we were privileged to have them participate in the Conference. Everyone enjoyed a picnic on Friday night at Randolph Park, provided by the Pioneer Ruritan Club, and music by a local band, Buck Nelson.

My hope for the conference is that everyone had a good time and that you learned at least one new thing from the information we offered. As I said in my opening remarks, “there is always something new to learn about Ruritan”. And no matter if we are a past, current, or future leaders, we need to keep up on the changes occurring in Ruritan. Giving out the wrong information is a sure way to injure our organization.

Bobby Burton's photo.

Thank you to Perry Marshman, Lorene Reece, and Sarah Kelly (Leadership Committee members) AND to the Home Office Staff. This Conference would not have been a success without their hard work in putting it together. Thanks to all the workshop presenters, the Growth, Development and Retention Committee, the Youth Committee, the Publicity and Public Relations Committee, and the Ruritan National Foundation for their part on the program.

Keep up the good work in your communities and Thank You for all you do for Ruritan.

Yours in Ruritan,
President Elect Bobby