Louisa County Ruritan Club Makes Life Sparkle

fireworks (free clip art)

fireworks (free clip art)

The Louisa County Ruritan Club is selling fireworks from 11am-9pm June 27, 2014 through July 4, 2014 at the Zions Crossing Wal-Mart. They are selling the fireworks from a free-standing structure in the back parking lot as part of their annual fund-raising efforts.

If you are in the Zions Crossroads area looking for a place to buy fireworks, and want your money to go to a good cause, please consider supporting the Louisa County Ruritan’s Fireworks stand!

Local Girl Needs Help – Louisa County Ruritan Club Responds

At the June meeting of the Louisa County Ruritan club, the club learned about a local girl in need.

Peyton Daniel

Peyton’s Story

Peyton, a four-year old girl living in the Ruritan Rapidan District area has had many medical issues since birth. These include a VSD and PFO (holes in her heart, both spontaneously closed), prenatal stroke (due to a placental abruption), mild cerebral palsy (right sided hemiparesis), sacral lipoma, previous tethered spinal cord (laminectomy was performed) compound heterozyougs MTHFR, neurogenic bladder with retention and dyssenergia (urethral dilation helped after many failed attempts at cathing her), connective tissue disorder (EDS), and lastly an undiagnosed metabolic syndrome.

Peyton’s parents and doctors have been trying to solve the reason of a sudden onset (August 2013) of bilateral leg pain, numbness, completely absent reflexes above and below the waist, and a severe increase in her pain based on physical activity. She no longer has any sensation on the bottoms of her feet and she got a wheelchair in March for long distances. She has good days and bad days.

Peyton has seen many doctors this last year and had many tests and procedures. When her family took her to Michigan they were told that her spinal cord is attached to scar tissue from her first surgery and that is attached to her tumor, which is called a lipoma. The surgeon in Michigan is willing to be proactive with her surgery and not only de-tether her, but remove as much of her tumor as possible, since it has many nerves in it.

She will also have a muscle biopsy done at the same time, because her neuromuscular docs believe she has a metabolic disorder. On ultrasound her muscles are all abnormal and this could also be the cause of some of her reflex issues. It’s hard to tell right now which are overlapping.

That is leading the family out of state, where they will incur travel, lodging and additional insurance expenses. They just want Peyton to receive the best treatment possible. In Virginia she has been to VCU, UVA, Children’s National, INOVA and the family has contacted multiple other out of state facilities (Shriner’s, etc). This hospital and doctor in Michigan by far have the most to offer her with their vast knowledge of these types of spinal disorders as well as their ability to be as proactive as possible to stop this from happening again.

Peyton has spent so much of her life in doctor’s offices, hospitals, having blood work done, tests, and other procedures. The family is so hopeful that this surgery will help her regain back some of what she has lost this last year physically as well as hopefully find the answer to her metabolic disorder. This could be a condition that is treatable or terminal and the sooner we know the better. Peyton is such a sweet, kind, caring and brave little girl. The family knows she is going to do amazing things one day and they will do everything possible to ensure that.

Any help is greatly appreciated, whether praying, monetary or sharing of Peyton’s story. Thank you so much for your support.

There is a website set up for people to use to donate money to help cover Peyton Daniel’s expenses. To access it, click on the link in the previous sentence.

The Louisa County Ruritan Club has agreed to donate $1,000 towards this worthy cause. The cause was discussed at the Zones 2 & 3 Dinner Meeting held on 6/25/14. The Rapidan District Cabinet will take up the subject at the July meeting to discuss whether the District Cabinet can assist in any way. All Ruritan clubs are being encouraged to consider helping this little girl and her family.

For more information, please use the contact form below:

Fluvanna Ruritan Club Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Presentation of the colors by American Legion Fluvanna Post 2003 at Fluvanna Ruritan Club's 75th Anniversary celebration

Presentation of the colors by American Legion Fluvanna Post 2003 at Fluvanna Ruritan Club’s 75th Anniversary celebration

From the desk of the District Governor:

It is a rare occurrence in a Ruritan District when Two Clubs share a 75th anniversary within one month of each other. Such was the case May 20, 2014 when our Fluvanna Ruritan Club joined our Louisa County Ruritan Club in this noteworthy celebration. At the Fluvanna’s Anniversary Celebration, National President Elliott Hogge complemented the Club on their years of service to the communities they serve, and the example they set in the Rapidan District.

original charter of Fluvanna Ruritan Club

original charter of Fluvanna Ruritan Club

We often hear the phrase ” How Times Have Changed ” and I`m sure that each of us would agree. When I look around at the members in the celebration and see the talent and devotion, I myself am inspired as a Ruritan member.

Fluvanna Ruritan Club 75th Anniversary Celebration Agenda

Fluvanna Ruritan Club 75th Anniversary Celebration Agenda

Our older members as well as our younger ones seem to have personal schedules that will not allow much time for service to community anymore, let alone Fellowship, and Goodwill!! Yet,faithfully each month Individuals, Projects, and Services are performed to fill the needs of the areas served by the Fluvanna Club.

I, as District Governor, was honored along with my wife to have been invited to the Fluvanna Ruritan Club’s Anniversary celebration. I wish this commendable Club many, many more years of successful and rewarding Goodwill,Fellowship, and Community service.

” Well Done Fluvanna “


District Governor

Congrats To Louisa County Ruritan Club On Their 75th Anniversary!

Sarah Kelly, Irene Luck, Bobby Burton at Louisa County Ruritan's 75th Anniversary Celebration

Sarah Kelly, Irene Luck, Bobby Burton at Louisa County Ruritan’s 75th Anniversary Celebration

From the desk of the District Governor:

Last week I had the distinct honor and pleasure of attending the Louisa County Ruritan Club’s 75th anniversary celebration. What a momentous achievement. Presiding over the event was Irene Luck, Louisa County’s current President. A professional and expertly prepared booklet detailing 75 years of community service was provided to each attendee.

Louisa County Ruritan's 75th Anniversary program cover

Louisa County Ruritan’s 75th Anniversary program cover

As I sat listening to the program, I began to reflect on how times have changed since 1939. The Louisa County Club was chartered six months before the onset of World War II. The United States of America was basically a rural nation where interstate highways were virtually non¬existent. News and information were gleaned from radios sets, newspapers, and movie reels.

The following years would certainly be tumultuous. Every decade that followed contained wars and unrest. The 1960’s and the 1970’s saw the onset of The Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the onset the Cold War with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Louisa Ruritan Club Charter

Louisa Ruritan Club Charter

The 1990’s brought us the Bosnia Conflict and the first Gulf War. In 2001 with the new Millennia unfolding, we were violently introduced to a new kind of war when terrorism came to our own backyard. Now as we sit comfortably in our homes tonight, the Ukraine and Russia are deeply engaged in an armed conflict.

On the home front, we have witnessed the turmoil of the ‘60’s with upsurges of anti-war and anti-government riots that exploded in our streets.

New members Jack and Coral Losinski installed by National President-Elect Bobby Burton

New members Jack and Coral Losinski installed by National President-Elect Bobby Burton

We also watched as the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall was finally dismantled.

We witnessed Presidential and Presidential-candidate assassinations, and the assassination of a major Civil Rights leader. In the ‘70’s, we watched the resignation of one of our Presidents, and in the ‘80’s an assassination attempt on another President, as well the Pope. In the ‘90’s, another President faced censorship, and in 2000’s, we saw the election of our first African-American President.

These have been very mutable decades which have led us to our present situation, which is not without its own challenges. Every day we face an unstable future with economic turmoil.
Believe it or not, this all went through my mind as I compared the past to the present.

Louisa County Ruritan's 75th Anniversary Cake

Louisa County Ruritan’s 75th Anniversary Cake

Through all of these shifting times, the Louisa County Ruritan Club has been a constant, positive force that persevered over 75 years, to serve her community faithfully. This is a tribute to the caliber of the club and all of its faithful members. Well done Louisa County Ruritans; may you have many more years of tried and true fellowship, goodwill, and community service to come.